Sunday, August 24, 2008

Josh's Studio Portraits

Josh came into the RC Media Services studio to have some more
formal portraits taken. Dress shirt and that kind of thing. In the pics
we took on the beach last week, Josh wore more casual every day clothing.

One of the great things about getting an outside/inside portrait
package is that you end up with lots of great shots; showing different
parts of your personality. Studio portrait sessions can also be
used for cap and gown pics too!
Go to our home page at
and click on Pricing to check out our flexible sessions.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Elizabeth - Lovely and Lively!!!!

Elizabeth initially had an appointment with RC Media Services
in July, but unfortunately it got rained out. So this time she
met me in Fort Myers for a downtown adventure!!
Every time I do a shoot downtown, different
streets are under construction. This time the main strip
was closed. We had to get creative and do a little extra
walking as well. Elizabeth was a trooper and was
game for anything.

Her pictures were simply lovely and lively....just like
her. Check back in about a week to view
the rest of Elizabeth's images in her own gallery.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grace Community Center Gets a Helping Hand!

Today was the big landscaping day for the new Grace Community Center.
Nearly a hundred volunteers showed up throughout the day to help
Horseman's Landscaping Company put in hundreds of plants,
shrubs and trees. Volunteers were there early this morning and still
putting the final touches on this afternoon. Riverside Bank brought
over their grill and cooked lunch for the heartfelt crew.

During the day today, help ranged from the very young to many in
their elder years. The group of volunteers came from a variety of
economic backgrounds and cultures. Today's event was one of
many community activities planned at the Center. Not only will
there be opportunities to help the doors get open, there will be
countless ways to get involved in the future.

Many of the surrounding residents will be able to utilize the
resources and support through the much needed Community
Center. This event was just a glimpse of great things to come
from the North Fort Myers Grace Community Center.

To find out more about the center go to

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Josh's Senior Portraits!

It's that time of year!!! 2009 Senior Portrait time.
Josh and I met at Bowditch Point to shoot
some fantastic photos. Even though the
day was cloudy we made the most of it.
He brought several different choices of
clothing; all were perfect for a day at the
beach. We'll take another trip to the beach on
a clearer day to get some final sunset photos.
Check back in a week to see some more of
Josh's Senior Portraits.

Rader Family Portraits

We had a great session with the Rader Family.
We were able to snap some individual portraits
and some sweet family shots as well. It was
great to see how much little Jake had grown.
We took his first portraits when he was in
mom's belly then his own pics when he was
just a couple of weeks old. He is fitting in
nicely with his two siblings, Elizabeth and
Aiden. Check back in about a week to view
all of the Rader's portraits.

Mia's 10 Month Portraits!

Courtney, Daniel and Ms. Mia stopped by the
RC Media Services studio to take Mia's 10 month
Portraits. We got a few smiles out of her this month,
but she was most content being in mommy's arms.
We snapped a few candids of she and mommy
snuggling. How sweet!