Thursday, December 31, 2009

Butler Family Portraits at the Cypress Slough, Fort Myers

Buddy and I met the Butler family at the Cypress Slough in Fort Myers
for some post Christmas portraits. We were able to take some excellent
woodsy "woodsy" a word? Okay, well it was a beautiful
outdoor day! We had some fun and got some great shots for mom
to display on her wall.

Guess what? Your proofs are ready!!! Go to the main web page at click on "Proofing"....scroll down to
your picture click on it...Check you out!! Enjoy.

Taiton's Toddler Portraits

I had a blast taking Taiton's portraits...he was full of adventure
and all boy! I followed him around as he looked for bugs, peeled
bark off of the tree and ran as fast as his little legs could take him.

Lynn & Del's Portrait Session

Lynn & Del were our last Christmas Portraits of the season!
Lynn is my Grandmother's hair stylist and the ONLY one my
grandmother thinks can do her hair exactly like she likes it.
Put it this way, if Grandma's hair doesn't look good it's not
a happy day in the house! Thank you Lynn for making
Grandma Grace a very happy woman!
Okay, now back to the portrait session...We had a good time
getting some inside and outside shots too man for Del...he
now knows how the big time models feel! You were a realy
trouper Del!

Trent's 8th Month Portraits - Baby Portraits

Mom, Ashley and brother Alex brought baby Trent into the studio
for his eight month portraits. He was full of smiles...and drool too!!
It was a beautiful day for outdoor portraits. He was soooo cute!
We can't wait to see him again for his year portraits when he's
running around giggling!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Schweizer Family Portraits - Cape Coral

Tis the season for family portraits!! We met Stacie, Reed and their three
georgous kiddos at the Cape Coral Yacht Club to help them check this off
of their Christmas "Things to do List". Even though it was wwwaaaaayyy
windy, we had a great time jumping, playing and laughing.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Acevedo Christmas Portraits - Cape Coral

Courtney, Daniel, Mia & Levi rolled out of bed and came to
their Christmas Portrait Session! Well not really...they
decided to do something a little different than your
standard Christmas garb for this year. It was comfy P.J.'s.
I love it!

We were also able to take Levi's 4 month Portraits...he looked
so cute in his green jammies.

Are you stuck in the Christmas Portrait rut? Want to do some-
thing off beat or out of the norm?...give us a ring; we still have
a few appointments left. 239-677-6640
And.....Yes, there is time to get your cards printed!

Amodea Christmas Portraits - Cape Coral

It's been several months since Ricky and Jena brought
Ms. Kenzie into the stusio so it was soooo cool to see how
much she has changed and how pretty she is. Jena was
prepared with beautiful outfits and matching hair bows
(that she made for Kenzie)...What a good Mommy! I
only posted a couple of shots, cause I know you want
some of them to be a surprise.

Olivia's Christmas Portraits - Cape Coral, FL

I believe this makes year #4 that we have been priviledged to
take Olivia's Christmas Portraits. One of the benefits to
being a photographer is not only documenting someones
special moment; but being there throughout many special
moments....Before we know it we'll be snapping pix at
her wedding!