Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mia at the Park with Mommy & Daddy!

When we took Mia's garden portraits this week, Daddy (Daniel) had to work
late. So we rescheduled a family shoot for today. The park was beautiful
as the sun was starting to set. We were able to get some pretty sweet shots.
I loved the purple and orange mixed with the lime green grass...their
colors just popped!

Have you ever had several images that you loved and you couldn't
pick your favorite? One of the solutions to that is to put them together in a
collage or composite. The one below was made with the above images and
is ready to print as a 12x24 portrait or a 12x12 Photo Book!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mia's Garden Portraits

Mia, Mommy and I met at the Rose Garden on Cultural Parkway
in Cape Coral to take a few pix of Ms. Mia. She was quite the
explorer, walking and checking out the flowers. The weather
was beautiful...although not as beautiful as her!

If you would like to see more images of Mia in the Garden, check
back in about 10 days. See you then!

Mortenson Family Portraits

I met the Mortenson Family at Jaycee Park for a few portraits on Saturday
afternoon. When we got there, the park was full of people attending a fair
at the park. The good news is, we had some great background music during
our session. Dad even took a few moments out to dance with his two
lovely daughters.
The Mortenson family had a great time laughing and playing throughout
the shoot. It was no problem getting a smile out of them. Check back in
10 days to view their online gallery.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Brown-Lopez Family Portraits

Tina Brown has been looking forward to getting her family together to
take a portrait for several months. She said she was a small girl when
the last one was done.

The one thing that she wanted was to make the photo shoot fun and
not stressful. We did our best to accomodate. The weather was a bit
fickle, so we made the best of the on and off again rain.

We started out by taking a few studio portraits, and when the rain
passed we went to Jim Jeffers Park in Cape Coral for some outdoor
fun! The park is very colorful and large enough to take some great
family shots.

Check back in about 10 days to view the rest of their pix!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Portraits

Sisters Babs and Briska set up their family portraits a couple of
months ago. We were going to take the pictures outside.
Unfortunately, just before the shoot time, it started to rain.

Instead of wasting new hairdoos and everyone in the same place
at the same time; we came into the studio to take their pix.
In about 90 minutes we had our large family shot, sub families,
individuals and a few select photos. They did a great job!
Check back in about 10 days to view their gallery!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kurveball Band!

Buddy and I met the band Kurveball (David, Brandon & Blaine)
out in the Pine Island area to take some pix. We had a great time
finding nooks and crannies on the island to take pictures.
Aside from a little trespassing to get a shot of a primo sunset we pretty
much stayed out of trouble.
If you would like to read more about the band and hear their sound go to

Sunday, October 5, 2008


In about 2 hours Buddy will be leaving for Port Arthur,
Texas with 8 others from Grace Church to aid the victims
of Hurricane Ike. They will be working with Samaritan's
Purse and Billy Graham’s Rapid Response team in this
deployment. Buddy's task will be two fold; one is to
do whatever he is asked to do to help clean up and the
other is to document the mission with photography.

He'll be sending back some photos via his phone for
us to see this week; then when he returns we'll get to
see the pix he took with his camera. We'll post them
in a gallery or video. Please pray for them as they
travel and work this next week.
Pray for our son; he cried this evening when he
realized he wasn't going to see daddy in the morning.
Even though Buddy knows he is supposed to go; it
definately tugged at his heart.

We look forward to sharing more!


Tonya, Buddy & Oakland