Monday, August 24, 2009

Lily's Newborn Portrait Session Sneak Peek!

Welcome Baby Lily!! Nicki and baby Lily stopped by the RC Media Services studio to have Lily's newborn portraits taken. Mom brought several cute outfits and head dressings along with Lily's grandomther, cousin and aunt to join in the fun. Check back in a couple of weeks to view the rest of her pix.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busbee Family Portrait Sneak Peek!

The Busbee family met us out at Bowditch Point to have
their family portraits taken. I loved the colors that
they picked out to wear...the peach color really popped
againsts the blue sky. We walked the beach and got
some great shots...they even walked out in the water
and got wet! Check back to view the rest of your gallery.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thomas Family Portrait Session Sneak Peek!

Buddy & I met the Thomas family this Saturday for their family portraits. We finally got to meet Charlie & Angela's amazing twin girls, Paige & Kylie. Boy were they cute! A few minutes after the photo session started they decided a nap outside on the blanket was a much better idea. They looked like two angles floating on a cloud. After about 30 minutes they were ready for the next round of pictures!Way to go Thomas family...You all did an outstanding job!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Matthew's Senior Portraits - Pine Island

Have you ever heard of "Storm Chasers"? Well, on Tuesday, Matthew,
his mom Vickie and I were "Storm Runners". We were only a couple
of steps in front of the rain for about an hour and a half! Matthew did
a fantastic job as we z...ipped from one place to another. Enjoy a sneak
peek at some of his pix. The rest will be ready in a couple of weeks

Ruth & Matt's Engagement Portraits

We met Ruth and Matt dowtown Fort Myers for their Engagement Portrait Session and had a fantastic time getting to know them before their October wedding. The engagement session is one of my favorite because it is low pressure and the bride and groom are really able to show their personality. Enjoy a a peek at a few of their portraits!

Levi's Newborn Hospital Pix

Welcome to the world baby Levi! And thank you mom and dad for the invite to take some portraits of your little guy. He is so sweet and cuddly...I really wanted to sneak out with him...rumor has it grandpa tried but the buzzer went off...Thank you for letting us share this part of your journey as a family. Many Blessings, Tonya & Buddy

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twins Portrait Session at Fort Myers Beach

Nothing better than a sunny day at the beach with an
ice cold watermelon!!! That's what Lee & Lilly thought
after they had jumped, laughed and played for a while
in the hot sun. They were so excited about the was like someone gave them a
candy store! Enjoy some of their pics from the