Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Mortenson Family

Enjoy sharing a day at the park with the Mortenson Family!

The Nolan Family Portraits!

The Nolan Family...Wynne, Nancy, Caitlin and furry
family members Jake and Giff had their Christmas
Portraits taken this Saturday at the park. It was a
perfect day for a photo shoot. We took a few family photos
and a couple for Caitlin's College Graduation in the Spring.
In Southwest Florida we are priviledged to have so many
beautiful spots to take pictures this time of year. I never
thought I would be putting up Christmas decorations in
my shorts! It's a huge change from my days in Michigan.
There is so much going on during this season...remember
to take time out from shopping, baking and all of that other
holiday planning to have a family portrait won't
regret it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Evyn's Senior Portraits!

I'm really excited to share Evyn's Senior Portraits.
He did such an awesome job! And his pics look

The park was perfect for our shoot. The
cool looking trees, playground equipment and the
waters edge made for a really nice setting for
Senior Portraits.
Check back in a couple of weeks to see Evyn's gallery!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gulf Coast Symphony Fundraiser!

On Saturday we had a fantastic time shooting pics
at a fund raising event for the Gulf Coast Symphony
called Argentina Under the Stars hosted by Dr. Jake
Goldberger and Margarita Suarez in Fort Myers.

It was a starlit evening filled with lively music,
authentic Argentine cuisine, Tango Dancers
and lots of laughter.

If you are interested in finding out more about
the symphony you can go to their website

Sunday, November 16, 2008

McNichols Family Portraits

We met with the McNichols family on Saturday to take
their family pix. Baby Colin was sooooo cute!!!! They
had the flexibility of "The Works" Session, so we took
about three hours to get studio shots and pix at the park.
We took a few images for Christmas, some baby in the
buff shots and play time at the park. Colin was a real
trouper (so were mom and dad). The weather was
outstanding and we were able to get some fantastic

During our time together we chatted about life, work
and children. It was great to get to know them all better
and to be able to help them make some memories.

Time goes by so quickly and our children are graduating
High School in a blink of the eye. Take time out to
share some memories. If you have a camera, blow
the dust off it and snap off a few...those little feet
don't stay little for long. If it is easier, call us and
we would love taking pics of those little feet!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flopy's 30th Birthday Celebration!

This past weekend Buddy and I stopped by the home of Dr. Jake and
Margarita for Margarita's daughter Flopy's 30th Birthday Celebration.
They started off the day with a lovely brunch followed by laughter, cake
and games. The younger children (and some of the adults too!) had fun
blowing bubbles, swinging on the swings and playing in the wagon.

It's always a blessing when you can have four generations at a family event.
Flopy's grandmother was able to come from Argentina and join in the celebration.

Check back next week to view the rest of their gallery at
Click on "Client Galleries". See you then!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Greg and Danielle's Wedding!!

Greg and Danielle tied the knot at Grace Church this past
Saturday. The church was packed with family and friends
that have been cheering on their relationship for the past
several years.

The ceremony was traditional with a few sentimental
touches; which included a blessing of their new blended
family and the washing of each others hands.

The wedding was followed by a reception at the newly
opened Grace Community Center. What a better way
to break in the Center, than with a wedding. Jesus himself
would be proud...(remember His first miracle was at
a wedding).

The newlyweds left the reception for Fort Lauderdale,
then on to a dreamy cruise vacation. Have a blast
Danielle and Greg....take lots of pictures!!!
Check back on 11/22 to view Greg and Danielle's
personal portrait gallery.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grace Community Center Kick-off!

Today was the day that many have been waiting for. It was
the kick-off of the 1st Church Service at the Grace Community
Center in North Fort Myers.

After lots of prayer, sweat and tears, what was just a dream
has turned into a reality. The Grace Community Center is
an Oasis for the surrounding neighborhoods. In the next
coming months not only will there be church on 1 day; but
service to the community the other 6 days.

This reaching into the nearby area will be done through
having a sports ministry, recovery ministry, thrift store,
coffee shop, GED classes and much much more.

This safe haven is definately needed in this corner of
North Fort Myers. With the down turn of the economy
and the loss of hope for thousands. The center wants
to bring hope to hopeless and purpose to those without

If you would like to learn more about Grace Community
Center you can go to or stop by
Sunday morning at 10am....see you there!!!
Grace Community Center
4151 Hancock Bridge Parkway
N. Fort. Myers , FL 33903
Phone: 239.574.7161
Fax: 239.574.9513

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jim Turns 60!

Jim Redecker was surprised by a couple hundred friends and
family at the Jamaica Bay Clubhouse for his 60th Birthday.
He and his family have been friends with Buddy's family for years.
It was nice to be able to take a few pix so Jim's family can make
him another memory book.
The night was filled with a great meal, dancing, a game of "Pin
the Hair on Jim", a Conga line, a serenade by a few lovely ladies,
a visit from the Grim Reaper, a raffle to benefit a family member,
more dancing and lots of laughter. Enjoy some of the pix from his
special evening!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jonathan & Teresa's Wedding 11/01/08!

Jonathan and Teresa were married yesterday in the company of
nearly 100 friends and family. Their ceremony and reception were
held at Sable Springs in North Fort Myers.
The weather was perfect, the fall decorations were amazing and
the dinner was outstanding. Several family members shared their
talents and showed their love for the newlyweds by officiating, playing
the music for the ceremony and making the cake.
A lot of thought was put into the details of the wedding as well.
Each of the guests wrote well wishes on fall leaves and hung them
from a tree. There was a delightful and festive candy table with
decorated bags for the guests to take home a variety of treats.
We did our part as the photographers, by getting metallic wallet
prints of their engagement photos and they were displayed on a table
for the guests to pick from.
Check back in a couple of weeks to see their gallery of photos from
the wedding. Click on go to "Client Galleries"