Sunday, October 5, 2008


In about 2 hours Buddy will be leaving for Port Arthur,
Texas with 8 others from Grace Church to aid the victims
of Hurricane Ike. They will be working with Samaritan's
Purse and Billy Graham’s Rapid Response team in this
deployment. Buddy's task will be two fold; one is to
do whatever he is asked to do to help clean up and the
other is to document the mission with photography.

He'll be sending back some photos via his phone for
us to see this week; then when he returns we'll get to
see the pix he took with his camera. We'll post them
in a gallery or video. Please pray for them as they
travel and work this next week.
Pray for our son; he cried this evening when he
realized he wasn't going to see daddy in the morning.
Even though Buddy knows he is supposed to go; it
definately tugged at his heart.

We look forward to sharing more!


Tonya, Buddy & Oakland

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