Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hare Family Christmas Portraits!

Do the Holidays have you feeling a little UPSIDE DOWN emotionally or
financially? Try to not be discouraged and keep your focus on the "real"
Christmas. Why?

Well, I thought back myself about the things I loved the most about
Christmas when I was a child. The excitement came when we
decorated with homemade decorations. Did you ever string popcorn
and cranberries? I also remember baking cookies with my grandmother
and Christmas Caroling with our church.

Take time this season to make some memories...invest in something
that will last. For free Holiday Stuff check out the newspaper or the

These portraits below are of some of our favorite people! It's my
sister in law Robyn, nephew Austin and neice Cameron....alias the
Hare Family. You may recogize Cameron (she's that cute face on
our Gift Certificates). They stopped by the studio to get a few pix
and then we filled up on the Taco Bar that Buddy put together for
us! Yummy!!! Oh yeah, we watched a movie and had popcorn...
with M&M's too!

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