Monday, January 26, 2009

Tolentino Family Portraits!

The Tolentino family had an incredible photo shoot on Sunday.
The first incredible thing was that Jack and Kathy were able to round
up their children and grandchildren on a Sunday afternoon for this task.
The second thing is that their images themselves look incredible!
We took a variety of traditional posed shots, some candids and
some illustrative shots. Check back in about 2 weeks to
view their gallery by going to
click on galleries and then click on their thumbnail picture. You can also
view the gallery from this link

Here's Jack and Kathy - pretty cute huh?

In a little over 2 hours we took large group shots and 7 sub family group
shots. Buddy and I tagged teamed this can check out the next
3 sets of photos to see us in action & one of the images that we took.

Buddy usually gets the ladder shots...I can't be trusted on a ladder!

Amy and Cassidy the Sweethearts!

I want to clarify that in my back pocket is a lens cap not a can of SKOL!!!

I just love this shot of the 3 girls in the tree...What a beautiful day!

Now I know why we made overalls!!! Who needs the gym..Mom is getting her workout with one on her hip and the other in tow!

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