Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grace Community Center Kick-off!

Today was the day that many have been waiting for. It was
the kick-off of the 1st Church Service at the Grace Community
Center in North Fort Myers.

After lots of prayer, sweat and tears, what was just a dream
has turned into a reality. The Grace Community Center is
an Oasis for the surrounding neighborhoods. In the next
coming months not only will there be church on 1 day; but
service to the community the other 6 days.

This reaching into the nearby area will be done through
having a sports ministry, recovery ministry, thrift store,
coffee shop, GED classes and much much more.

This safe haven is definately needed in this corner of
North Fort Myers. With the down turn of the economy
and the loss of hope for thousands. The center wants
to bring hope to hopeless and purpose to those without

If you would like to learn more about Grace Community
Center you can go to or stop by
Sunday morning at 10am....see you there!!!
Grace Community Center
4151 Hancock Bridge Parkway
N. Fort. Myers , FL 33903
Phone: 239.574.7161
Fax: 239.574.9513

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