Sunday, November 16, 2008

McNichols Family Portraits

We met with the McNichols family on Saturday to take
their family pix. Baby Colin was sooooo cute!!!! They
had the flexibility of "The Works" Session, so we took
about three hours to get studio shots and pix at the park.
We took a few images for Christmas, some baby in the
buff shots and play time at the park. Colin was a real
trouper (so were mom and dad). The weather was
outstanding and we were able to get some fantastic

During our time together we chatted about life, work
and children. It was great to get to know them all better
and to be able to help them make some memories.

Time goes by so quickly and our children are graduating
High School in a blink of the eye. Take time out to
share some memories. If you have a camera, blow
the dust off it and snap off a few...those little feet
don't stay little for long. If it is easier, call us and
we would love taking pics of those little feet!

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karencouncil said...

What a beautiful family, and Colin you look to cute!! Love, Grandma